Your Life is Your Message

I love the simplicity of this statement, yet it contains such a depth of complexity. Ghandi’s life WAS his message. He fought against the discrimination and poverty of his fellow countrymen, the poor, the less educated, and those struggling to fit into the middle class of Indian culture. His message of equality, love and acceptance […]

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Words have Power

Imagine this… You are standing in a crowd at an event. The sun is shining, the day warm, the mood of the crowd is one of joyful acceptance. Music can be heard, a rhythm and flow that has toes tapping and bodies moving in time. In the centre of the human happiness is a raised […]

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Observe & Learn

The time has arrived to take stock. Time to halt, to remain silent, and receive the messages. As you may know, 2016 is the year of completion, the last year in a 9 year cycle, which means that 2017 is the beginning of something new. But first, we must use what remains of 2016 to […]

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Is Your Language Supporting You?

The language we use daily has an impact on the lives we live. On numerous occasions in my Kinesiology Practice, I meet gorgeous beings who present with an intention that will vastly improve their outlook, behaviour, health or response to someone or something. And during the process of the kinesiology session, we discover that language […]

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