Under The Personal Microscope

Excuse me, but it’s time for some honesty. Are you an honest person? I’m hearing a loud, resounding ¬†“yes”, but what if the question is “are you truly honest with you?” What would your answer be? The last few weeks, months even, have been so full of go, go, go, that many of us are […]

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Define Yourself in Now

What is your external view? Is it the equivalent of the internal? Who would ever guess that the fine grey, hair covered buds of a magnolia tree, would encapsulate such beauty as the magnolia flower? We too, are like the magnolia. What you initially see is the costume, the mask, the camouflage of the exquisiteness […]

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What does this vision represent? It is so much more than a light filled tree, a pretty picture.. Well friends, at times it is my mind. Thoughts, ideas, conversations, witty comebacks, memories, visions, goals, dreams, plans, all sparking and twinkling as they are activated. So pretty to look at, but is it pretty to experience […]

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