Love ❤️

When you love your self, You value your self. When you value your self, you teach others how to treat you. :- Anita Moorjani Love who you are ❤️

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Love & Value

How do you love thee? With Valentines Day coming up, the focus is on Love, specifically loving another person, but do you love your self? How do others treat you? How do they behave toward you? Do you feel the gifts of your own being that you give, are reciprocated? Do you treat yourself as […]

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The Value of Self

Many of us look to those around us to confirm that we are worth something, anything. We study, we ‘toe the line’, we work extra hours unpaid or take work home. Some of us aim or achieve to please others, at times not even being acknowledged for what we do, but still we feel we […]

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Did you close your eyes and imagine yourself as all these things? Why is it so easy to see ourselves whilst in the quiet of our minds, yet it is so, so difficult in the reality of our existence amongst family, friends or colleagues? Fear can hold us back from so much greatness. Fear of […]

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Value the Present

Life is made up of moments, seconds, minutes, all strung together to create a memory. And no, we often don’t recognise the importance of the experience until it’s in review. Perhaps it is wise to live in the present, in the moment, so that in retrospect, we recognise the value of the memory and remember […]

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