Kinesiology….. What??

  Frequently I find myself in situations where I am asked “What do you do?” Conversations are easy when your work is something you love, however, as much as I love Kinesiology, explaining it is less than easy! If you asked anyone who has experienced Kinesiology what it actually is, you would never get the […]

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Wahhhhh! I’ve Lost My Tribe! šŸ˜©

The energetic pull of developing yourself spiritually is hard to resist, and when you are travelling along the sparkly path of discovery and learning, the ‘ahaa’ moments and occasions of insight and self awareness present themselves frequently. But along with the process of personal growth, arrives the process of shedding and farewell, and (un)fortunately, this […]

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My Evolution

  I’ve been fortunate to spend the last few days away from home, just me and my dogs.Ā Time has been spent as I please, reading, researching, writing, walking, meditating and generally relaxing. The opportunity has gifted me amongst other things, moments to contemplate what I now know. These last few months I’ve been a student […]

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Spiritual Perfection is a Myth

So many of us who are finding our way along a path that involves awareness, struggle with the concept of self perfectionism. I know for sure, that many of us who work as carers or facilitators for others, question our own integrity because we are less than perfect. We work to enable, empower and guide […]

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