Choose Your Path

Robert Frost was an American poet born in 1874 and left this world in 1963. I can only imagine what the expectations of that time were for him. In the 1800’s, announcing you were going to be a poet would surely have resulted in ridicule and laughter. He did however, pursue his  chosen path, and […]

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The World Needs You

Have you ever thought about how ‘particular’ you are? That like a fingerprint, you are one of a kind? You may recognise or label yourself by the career you have, the family you are born into, the religion you follow, or perhaps the people you associate with; but do you understand that your tribe or […]

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Being You

Are you being the authentic you? Or are you being the version that friends or family expect you to be. The version that fits into their expectations, their values, their tribe? If in contemplation, you believe you’re fitting into the mold of another’s expectation, how do you feel about this? Does your behaviour come from […]

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Love and Respect

Wow! How amazing would our world be if love and respect were the core principles of each and every human? If we all ask ourselves if love and respect are included in our personal bottom line values, I know each of us would respond with a resounding ‘yes!’ Why then, is this not reflected in […]

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Self Care

The frequently arising theme this week appears to be about feeling hurt by the words of others. Why can words affect us so? There are two parallel themes occurring here. Self-love and boundaries, and they intertwine and interact. Have you understood that onlly you ever know ‘you’? You may have a loving intimate relationship with […]

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I Am My Friend

Have you had this conversation with you? Or is your self talk negative, critical, disrespectful? If so, why? We would never talk to our friends the way we negatively talk to ourselves. They deserve to be honoured and loved, supported and respected, listened to and laughed with, that’s why we’ve chosen them as friends. And we deserve […]

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