As a Kinesiologist, I am gifted with being witness to the very personal and private stories, thoughts, and emotions of those who come to see me. Tears are not uncommon during a kinesiology session, and rather than viewed as embarrassing, I regard them as a beautiful release. Why do we cry in a session? Often […]

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I Choose….

Do you have an innate quality to always be doing for others? Does that capacity extend to you? Many of us find that even from a young age, our sense of responsibility to others is very strong. Whether it involves looking out for younger siblings, studying hard to meet parental career expectations, or being ‘the […]

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Who Are You Truly?

Your very deepest identity is a ferocious force of love, yet many of us have absolutely no idea how to access this force. We mask it and cover it with layer upon layer of pain, doubt, self criticism and negativity. Ultimately, exposing your true identity requires you to look within, to specifically acknowledge those pieces […]

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Choose Love ❤️

What is your natural reactive response? The reality is, that it’s very easy to switch to our default settings when we are faced with challenging people, situations or circumstances. As 2016 draws to a close, and we move toward Christmas, many will be challenged by the demands made on our selves by not only other […]

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Self Permission

There are times in our lives where we are required to step back from being the nurturer, and accept the support offered by another. It is not weakness… It is honour, respect, and love for our selves 💕

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  How are you with setting your boundaries? We all have ideals, morals or rules we live by or we view as acceptable to us, or do we? It’s so easy to say “I believe…. Or I will accept … Or I am… Or I will tolerate…. ” But do you walk your talk? Whilst […]

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Live a Life!

So, how are you living your life? Your immediate response may be “my life is great, cruising along nicely thank you”, but is it a true ‘life’ or as the words above suggest, is it some sort of fallacy? Are you happy? Are you being true to yourself? When you look back over the past […]

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The World Needs You

Have you ever thought about how ‘particular’ you are? That like a fingerprint, you are one of a kind? You may recognise or label yourself by the career you have, the family you are born into, the religion you follow, or perhaps the people you associate with; but do you understand that your tribe or […]

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Have the Courage to Encourage

Are you a person who is prone to criticism or encouragement? Many of you will say, with hand on your heart, that you tend to lean toward encouragement. The truth is though, whilst you may not openly criticise, the majority of us inwardly do so. I’m not referring to how you speak to others, but […]

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Love and Respect

Wow! How amazing would our world be if love and respect were the core principles of each and every human? If we all ask ourselves if love and respect are included in our personal bottom line values, I know each of us would respond with a resounding ‘yes!’ Why then, is this not reflected in […]

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