Honouring Soul

Honour your soul self…. It’s perfectly fine to: Spend time alone Not answer a call Decline an invitation Take a day off To speak up Take a nap To change your mind To be noncommittal We all require moments of time to honour and respect our selves, and just be. This is how we rest […]

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I Choose….

Do you have an innate quality to always be doing for others? Does that capacity extend to you? Many of us find that even from a young age, our sense of responsibility to others is very strong. Whether it involves looking out for younger siblings, studying hard to meet parental career expectations, or being ‘the […]

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Plant a Seed

There are a myriad of things we’ d love for ourselves; love, clarity of mind, stability in a career, a true friendship, financial success, the list could be endless. So….. What is the one thing you would truly love for you, your greatest wish for yourself? Plant that wish in your heart. Nuture it… Water […]

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