Bali Bliss

You know how you have this dream of how a particular occasion is going to be and generally your dream far exceeds the actual outcome? Well, that did NOT happen! The reality far exceeded the dream. Planning a retreat is less than easy, but when you put your Heart and Soul into the production everything […]

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The Door of Self

Envision yourself as a house, and behind the front door is your true soul self. All you need to do is grab the key, place it in the lock, turn it, open the door and enter. Sound simple yes? Then why is it so difficult for us to gain access to that very key and […]

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Retreat and Re-treat

Recently, I had the privilege of attending a retreat with a lovely group of women in Bali, all but one were strangers on arrival, and all were friends on departure. We were the women you see here when we farewelled one another; joyous, free, relaxed and uninhibited, because the¬†experience was one of nurturing, nourishment and […]

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