Imaginary Friends….

I had the most delightful conversation with a 5 year old this week. I asked her if she had any brothers or sisters. “Noooo, but I have lots of  friends, they are imaginary”, she brightly and confidently told me. The thing is, her mother tried to stop her talking by telling her not to be […]

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Self Permission

There are times in our lives where we are required to step back from being the nurturer, and accept the support offered by another. It is not weakness… It is honour, respect, and love for our selves 💕

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Living or Existing?

How is life for you? Have you ever stopped to consider the life you are now living? Are you excited about the day before you and challenged by the things you do? Are you following dreams and setting goals? Do you laugh often, feel proud of you and smile with satisfaction? Is your life the one […]

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Love Exactly…

Love… It is not present with conditions, plans to change another, hopes  that you’ll adapt to someone’s ideal, or that they will adapt to yours. It does not prevail with a dependence on rules, regulations or demands. A love with the absence of these, is love with empowerment. It is empowerment  of one’s self, of […]

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The Door of Self

Envision yourself as a house, and behind the front door is your true soul self. All you need to do is grab the key, place it in the lock, turn it, open the door and enter. Sound simple yes? Then why is it so difficult for us to gain access to that very key and […]

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Love and Respect

Wow! How amazing would our world be if love and respect were the core principles of each and every human? If we all ask ourselves if love and respect are included in our personal bottom line values, I know each of us would respond with a resounding ‘yes!’ Why then, is this not reflected in […]

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Puppy Love

How wonderful would our world be if we humans respected and loved one another, as our beautiful dogs love us…. unconditionally? They welcome us with joy, they provide comfort when we’re feeling down, they forgive us when we’re too tired or busy to walk or play with them, they entertain with their antics and are […]

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