Oh Heart ❣

Oh Heart… Time and again you are stretched into distortion, placed under pressure, squeezed until you may burst, and so it feels…. fractured into a million pieces. How do you survive? I do not have answers. I only know that I am grateful for your resilience. ❤️  

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The Balancing Act

  I’ve been supporting a loved one with a mental health concern these last few weeks. Well, really it’s been several years, but these recent weeks seem to have had a deeper impact. I feel as if the last few years I’ve lurched from gratitude to despair and back. I’ve felt my heart drop to […]

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The Truth About Being Spiritual

Is there a person in your life who you admire as someone spiritual? What is it exactly, that captivates you? To you, do they appear exceptional? Gifted? Unique? Does their life appear to be in control? All together? Perfect? In my humble experience, what I have learnt and come to know as a truth, is […]

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Beautiful You

Do these words resonate with you? Have you been witness to this heart- breakingly beautiful event, or have you personally experienced this? When I read these words, I immediately envisioned a person, legs trembling and giving way, a figure collapsing toward the earth, conceding defeat. And yet, the vision of humility, nobility and a higher […]

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Breakdown = Breakthrough

Its all well and good to strive to be a better person; more spiritual, kinder, calmer, happier, helpful…. The list could be huge. But sometimes you hit that bump and you hit it hard and land with a thud! Please don’t view that as failure or a negative, you are after all, human. We make […]

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The Internal Argument

Well, there are the words…    A reality slap in the face of our own negativity and ‘poor me’ attitude. Some days we do get caught up in the sadness and sorrows of our own situations, and yes, even though I am a believer in feeling the pain, acknowledging it and working through it. But […]

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