As a Kinesiologist, I am gifted with being witness to the very personal and private stories, thoughts, and emotions of those who come to see me. Tears are not uncommon during a kinesiology session, and rather than viewed as embarrassing, I regard them as a beautiful release. Why do we cry in a session? Often […]

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It’s Your Path

We ourselves must walk the path. Pushing you forward or pulling you along behind me only  creates resistance. So… I will happily walk beside you, holding your hand when you ask for support, encouraging you with my words and loving you always. The reality is, that no one saves us but ourselves.

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Love is Many Things

So often we get caught up in societal expectations of love; the perfect relationship, shared meals in great restaurants, frequent socialising, date nights, the physical aspects, the expensive gifts… But is this what true love really is? We tend to forget that love is more than this, and it is also less than this. Recognition flows […]

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The Truth

She yearned for an unnamed answer. She aspired to be like them, to be more than she already was. She searched for guidance. She consulted the greatest Sages, she followed those whose light shone bright, she inhaled their wisdom, their joy, their strength. And still, it was not enough…. there was something more to find. […]

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Moment of ‘Aliveness’

Oh to feel the sensation of joy that comes with this! Have you experienced a moment where you feel so alive? When it feels as though each breath you take is an inhalation of magic, brilliance and positivity? Where you see your life stretching out before you filled with potential and excitement? This is the […]

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Imagination vs Reality

Well there’s a reality check! Imagination is a wonderful thing when it’s used for setting goals, aspiring to become or to be, or for dreaming; but an imagination that focuses on negativity does not do us any favours. Do you dwell on things? Mull them over in your mind, come up with possible scenarios, think […]

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