Thank You & Welcome

As you may or may not know, 2016 is the year of completion. Whilst this year so far has operated under the theme of culmination, these past few weeks in particular, have been quite intense with regard to releasing the things that are no longer in our best interests. As a result, the past week […]

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Truth in the Dawn Light

Sometimes I awake in the pre-dawn light, with a message, a word, or a song on my mind. Isn’t that a beautiful vision? I always ask myself “What does this mean? What is it’s relevance to my life at this moment?” This morning though, I woke with money on my mind, worrying about not enough to […]

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Thank You

When was the last moment you gave thanks? Not just to those who assist you; the retail person, your hairdresser, the lovely lady who offerered you a place in the queue in front of her, or the gentleman holding the door for you.. When did you last say “thank you” for the gifts you receive […]

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My tears fall, each drop a gift of love trickling in grief, in loss and sadness for what was, for what is and for what will undeniably be… My body is shattered, my heart is in pieces, particles litter the floor… My mind is a whirlwind of thoughts and words, my stomach tumbles, tossed by […]

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Precious Love

When you are lost in the sorrow of yourself, I will reach out a hand and draw you toward me. When the night is dark and your sight sees only darkness, I will shine a light and remind you of your beauty. When your gut is in knots and tumbles and turns, I will say […]

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Peace to You

I gift you peace… Peace of mind.. And in your heart.. Peace in your hands and in the warmth of your touch.. Peace in your smile and in your tears.. Peaceful sleep and peaceful play.. Blessings and peace in your world ❤

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Gratitude Prayer

You are a vision in the night, the light that brightens the darkest hours. You are the strength that I draw upon, the courage I seek, the supporter that guides me. Your offering of love is one I actively seek, angel of mine. I send to you an abundance of gratitude, tears of appreciation fall […]

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