It’s Your Path

We ourselves must walk the path. Pushing you forward or pulling you along behind me only ¬†creates resistance. So… I will happily walk beside you, holding your hand when you ask for support, encouraging you with my words and loving you always. The reality is, that no one saves us but ourselves.

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Listen…. & then Act

The current situation for us all right now, involves recognising, acknowledging, and acting on the many messages you are receiving. It’s not coincidence that you heard that song, bumped into that person, received that text or phone call, or had that thought or idea suddenly pop into your head. Take notice, they are the seeds […]

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Uniquely Beautiful You

Do you truly recognise how unique you are? I’m not referring to the physical aspects of gorgeous you, your height, eye colour, mannerisms or fingerprints. My reference is to your true heart, soul, innate gifts and inner beauty. The dominant theme for this week’s kinesiology clients has been around ‘blocks’, the unknown that prevents us […]

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The Journey

Where are you headed to? Do you really know? Most of us have a plan, a goal or dream we are working toward. We know where we want to be, but even if we think we’re certain of how to get there, it very rarely turns out that way. The path we generally find ourselves […]

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