Peace to You

I gift you peace… Peace of mind.. And in your heart.. Peace in your hands and in the warmth of your touch.. Peace in your smile and in your tears.. Peaceful sleep and peaceful play.. Blessings and peace in your world ❤

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De-Stress the Past

Do you find yourself worrying about the past? Questioning or blaming yourself about what you have said, done or how you behaved? Recognising the beauty and positives in your life can be extremely difficult when you are constantly looking back; not just reminiscing, but dwelling or brooding about occasions or situations that don’t sit comfortably […]

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The Internal Argument

Well, there are the words…    A reality slap in the face of our own negativity and ‘poor me’ attitude. Some days we do get caught up in the sadness and sorrows of our own situations, and yes, even though I am a believer in feeling the pain, acknowledging it and working through it. But […]

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Gratitude Prayer

You are a vision in the night, the light that brightens the darkest hours. You are the strength that I draw upon, the courage I seek, the supporter that guides me. Your offering of love is one I actively seek, angel of mine. I send to you an abundance of gratitude, tears of appreciation fall […]

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The Courage of Discovery

Do you know who you truly are? Have you discovered the essence of you? The driving force? The strength that exists within you? You were born to this earth for a reason, there is a ‘why’ to your presence, your existence. Please don’t just go through the motions of everyday tasks as an automaton of […]

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Small Steps, Big Leap!

We all have our little rituals. Whether it involves your physical health – a stretch, a run or walk, your mental or spiritual health – a little meditation, a thought or oracle card to guide you through your day, or environmental – opening windows, a tidy up, the ritual of washing. Stop for a minute… […]

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