Message from The Lake

My stillness supports life, and promotes metamorphosis. You are being called to acknowledge and accept the changes coming to you. This is your evolution. This is meant to be. Resistance defies the stillness. Allow me to support your transformation. My ripples are your messages, my reeds your haven. The depths appear murky but this is […]

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Spirit Self

These words! The magic in life is the true unknowing… The surprise of discovery… A recognition of elements you never knew existed within… And the dreams of possibility. It is the bubbling essence of you rising to the surface and ‘popping’ in explosions of light; sparkles and flashes that attract and inspire ✨ I am elusive, […]

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Where is your voice? This week, whilst we have been traversing the abyss discussed in my last article, it appears that we have misplaced our words. Have you noticed that your words aren’t flowing? That there are times when you can’t even find the words to speak let alone release them? Where have our words […]

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Oh The Anticipation!

Can you feel it? The hovering, the expectation, the anticipation? It is as if there is a light scent in the air, a shape in the distance, blurred colour on the horizon, definitely something….. But what is it? This time is filled with expectation but also hesitancy, as if we are suspended in this moment […]

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Love Doesn’t Hurt

Oh my, isn’t this the truth? Loving is the easy part. It’s  because of the love though, that the other stuff can be painful, gut wrenching, heart breaking. When you have experience of love, whether that be partner, child, parent or pet, you truly recognise the emotions based around the fear of loss. Loss of ‘us’, […]

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Indulgence…. such a lovely word. When I hear it, I envision emersing myself in a warm bath of bubbles. What does the word evoke for you? What is your indulgence? Does it vary depending on how you are feeling? Is it beneficial to you in any way, or is it a momentary satisfaction that leaves […]

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It’s The Little Things

Wise words… We all have a degree in hindsight, but imagine experiencing the recognition hindsight affords us, with every little thing we do? Perhaps that’s what we need to do, to enjoy and appreciate each step, each action, each thought, vision or word, when it is occurring. Doing so would create a beautiful circle of […]

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Breakdown = Breakthrough

Its all well and good to strive to be a better person; more spiritual, kinder, calmer, happier, helpful…. The list could be huge. But sometimes you hit that bump and you hit it hard and land with a thud! Please don’t view that as failure or a negative, you are after all, human. We make […]

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Trust You…

Why is it that we doubt ourselves? After all, we know ‘me’ better than any one else does. Some of us cannot make a decision without first consulting another. We look for validation, confirmation, a reinforcement of our initial thought. And OMG! What a dilemma when the answer we seek is not in alignment with […]

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Precious Love

When you are lost in the sorrow of yourself, I will reach out a hand and draw you toward me. When the night is dark and your sight sees only darkness, I will shine a light and remind you of your beauty. When your gut is in knots and tumbles and turns, I will say […]

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