Heart Care

Our hearts are truly amazing. Not only in a physical sense, but also in an emotional and vibrational value as well. At times, our hearts can feel like this, precariously balanced but supported, frozen in the fear of unknowns, or ready to melt Apart from the well espoused benefits of wholesome foods, exercise and a […]

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Kindness vs. Rightness

Kindness: the quality of being friendly, generous and considerate. We all have the capacity to be kind, and for many of us, it is a quality within our very cells automatically released when we respond to another, with words, touch, a look or in our behaviour. It is an action of honouring yourself and others. […]

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Be Someone’s Sunshine

Do you recall catching a glimpse of joy, seeing something that made you smile? It may have been a smile gifted to you by a stranger, a gurgle from a baby over a parents’ shoulder, the colours of autumn appreciated, a dog stopping beside you for a pat. Have you a memory of a kindness […]

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Inner Strength

Some days you just feel it… the negative emotions seem to override the positive feelings you know you are capable of. You can almost feel yourself submerged in sadness, anxiety or stress. You can remedy this! Yes, you! Find yourself a peaceful somewhere, a favourite chair, a grassy patch, a quiet corner… Stop… and listen…  […]

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Support Me, Don’t Save Me

This life is mine. I choose my thoughts, my words, my actions. You may mot always agree that what I choose is in my best interest. By all means, guide me, offer assistance, support me, but please don’t try and rescue me. I cannot learn my life lessons if you do it all. I cannot […]

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Precious Love

When you are lost in the sorrow of yourself, I will reach out a hand and draw you toward me. When the night is dark and your sight sees only darkness, I will shine a light and remind you of your beauty. When your gut is in knots and tumbles and turns, I will say […]

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Peace to You

I gift you peace… Peace of mind.. And in your heart.. Peace in your hands and in the warmth of your touch.. Peace in your smile and in your tears.. Peaceful sleep and peaceful play.. Blessings and peace in your world ❤

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Throw Kindness

Gather your kindness… Throw it into the air… Watch it flutter and float… See it carried on the magic carpet of wind and breeze… Be mesmerised by it’s dance to those who need to feel the generosity of beautiful you ❤

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