Let Your Light Shine

Recently I discussed my experiences of messages from the Divine about releasing and letting go, and then going with the flow. Whilst this is an ongoing theme for me and hopefully coming to completion, well the letting go anyway; another subliminal message has also pushed its way forward that requires action, particularly,  it calls to […]

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You are Home

What or where is home for you? Is it a structural object, house, apartment? Is it a sharing of energy, being with the people or things you love? Or is it a sense of self, satisfaction, happiness, love? Are you aware of the light in your heart? What does this mean to you, for you? […]

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Peace and Love

Sending you this blessing on this beautiful day. May you wake with gratitude for doing so, May you perform each task with loving respect, May you appreciate the beauty around you, May you spend time with those you love, May your words melt into the souls of those who hear you, May the love and […]

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Recognise Your Light

You are such a beautiful soul 💗 No one has the perfect life. We all have experiences that can plummet us into depths we’d rather not be in. We all ‘feel’ in ways we’d rather not. Regardless of the drama in your life, the effects of it on your mind, the tears that flow, the […]

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Loving Wishes

On this, the day that we celebrate the birth of Christ, may you know that you are loved. Loved not only by your family and friends, but by those who walk silently beside you, behind you, and by  those who watch over you with tenderness and love. May you recognise how amazing you are.. May […]

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