Oh Heart ❣

Oh Heart… Time and again you are stretched into distortion, placed under pressure, squeezed until you may burst, and so it feels…. fractured into a million pieces. How do you survive? I do not have answers. I only know that I am grateful for your resilience. ❤️   Advertisements

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Centre Your Heart

There are days when I feel so scattered and over-whelmed. Hours of turmoil as thoughts and ‘what ifs’ swirl through my head in a never ending circuit. Minutes of heart pounding, pulse racing shakiness. Moments of emotion and anxiety, eyes brimming with tears, lips trembling and throat constricting on the verge of sobs. And then….. […]

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Mandala Love

A beautiful mandala for you >3 Sit quietly for a few minutes and focus on it’s beauty. Allow the colours and patterns to draw you in… Feel the  infusion peace and love into your mind, your body, and your heart ❤

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Heart Time

Do you take care of your heart? Not physically, but emotionally? Do you cherish and respect you? Or is your focus on everyone else around you, and your ‘tasks to be completed today’ list? As a midwife, I would advise new mothers to ensure they cared for themselves. A mother who is sleep deprived, not […]

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