Find Your Happy đź’•

What is happy, and specifically, what is your happy? Are you able to answer this question straight up or is it something you need to ponder? Happiness, not to be confused with joy although similar in emotion, is defined as ‘feeling pleasure, enjoyment, or contentment’, whereas joy is defined as ‘a feeling, source or cause of great […]

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School of Life

Life has a way of encouraging us to choose between being a victim or a victor. Choice? Yes choice, you do have one. The reality is that often we slip into victim mode without a thought. We become embroiled in the negativity, the down and the  draining. The challenge then, is to make adjustments that […]

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What Lies Beneath?

Only you, truly know what lies beneath your skin. I am referring not to the physical, but to the emotional, the mental, the spiritual. It is the self talk, the recognitions, the vibratory senses. No other person will ever know the truth of you. Knowing this, isn’t it about time you were honest with yourself? […]

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Spirit Self

These words! The magic in life is the true unknowing… The surprise of discovery… A recognition of elements you never knew existed within… And the dreams of possibility. It is the bubbling essence of you rising to the surface and ‘popping’ in explosions of light; sparkles and flashes that attract and inspire ✨ I am elusive, […]

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Smile And Keep It…

I just love days when I feel absolute happiness and joy for no reason that is out of the ordinary. Days where laughter at anything comes easily, where music is playing and I’m singing along, grooving as I go, where satisfaction is felt with life’s simple things. Smiling is easy… Have you ever felt fabulous […]

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Joy of Belonging

Several days ago, on what is known as Australia Day, I had the privilege of attending a citizenship ceremony in my community. To be honest, I was feeling quite ambivalent about what for me are conflicted reasons for celebration; the landing of European settlers and the establishment of their towns, and the subsequent mistreatment  and […]

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Inner Happiness

Have you ever stood under a night sky, gazing at the marvel of stars and moon? This is one of my favourite things to do. I often wonder, “how many others are doing the exact same thing, and what does the night sky observe that we mere humans do not?” Something familiar resonates when under […]

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Choose Your Path

Robert Frost was an American poet born in 1874 and left this world in 1963. I can only imagine what the expectations of that time were for him. In the 1800’s, announcing you were going to be a poet would surely have resulted in ridicule and laughter. He did however, pursue his  chosen path, and […]

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Happiness is Within

We are all after that sometimes elusive substance called happiness. Where have you been searching, and where has the search taken you? So many times in my kinesiology practice, I am told the words “I just want to be happy”, but here’s the thing, the majority of people believe it is something external that will […]

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Time for You

What is that something you do that makes you feel absolutely wonderful? Something simple and safe that uplifts you? That has you feeling you are floating on happiness and sparkle? For me personally,  being on the beach is something that triggers happiness. I’m fortunate that I have access to a beach near my home, and […]

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