The Gift in Disguise

  Whew! This past week in particular has been one of immense challenge not only for myself, but for many of you too. Quite a number of us have found ourselves confronted with situations and/or people that resonate with past energies we assumed we had dealt with and resolved. This lightening bolt of reality sure […]

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Individual You

What a beautiful vision, rice paddies stretching out before you, a vista of green… And in the foreground a magnificent frangipani. Are you the frangipani tree in your world? The person who is a little different from the others? Is it physical or otherwise? Quirkiness? Eccentricities? The way you laugh? Spiritual beliefs? Career choice? Friend […]

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The Gift of the Moon

Losing a parent, a partner, a sibling, a friend, particularly one you love so very dearly, is truly difficult. Memories become precious, special occasions carry a tinge of sadness because their physical absence is palpable… Moments to share are caressed in tears, dreams of a together future lay dusty and forlorn… But the moon! The […]

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Grief is Love

Never in this lifetime, did I ever believe, that grief would be so intense. To have acknowledgement for the tears that fall, for the heart filled with sadness, for the overwhelming sorrow that appears amongst days of happiness and overcomes me, allows me permission to be all that I need to be in those moments. […]

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True Colour of True Friends

Life is not all sunshine and roses, at times we find ourselves in the midst of pelting rain and wind gusts! And that’s fine. Difficulties allow us to rise to the challenge, discover new ways of doing & ultimately recognise the reality of our hidden strengths. They also however, ¬†reveal the truth of our friendships. […]

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Gifts in Bizarre Packaging

If life is a little difficult at the moment, don’t despair. I truly believe there is a gift for us in the situations that cause us the most grief. Dont ask “why me”, or “what did I do to deserve this?”. Ask yourself “what can I learn from this? What positive mindset can I develop […]

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