Bali Bliss

You know how you have this dream of how a particular occasion is going to be and generally your dream far exceeds the actual outcome? Well, that did NOT happen! The reality far exceeded the dream. Planning a retreat is less than easy, but when you put your Heart and Soul into the production everything […]

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What does this vision represent? It is so much more than a light filled tree, a pretty picture.. Well friends, at times it is my mind. Thoughts, ideas, conversations, witty comebacks, memories, visions, goals, dreams, plans, all sparking and twinkling as they are activated. So pretty to look at, but is it pretty to experience […]

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Tree of Friends

Here is my “Tree of Friends”. Can you see me? I’m the eccentric one standing on my head. Can you see yourself? Where are you in the tree? When I was coming up to my 40th year, my immediate family convinced me that a party to celebrate would be fun. I was very apprehensive, mainly […]

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Find Your Tribe

Does this resonate with you? Is it something you want or something you are fortunate to already have? For a moment, think of those you call friends, it may be two or three, it may be more. Can you laugh easily together? Do they respect and support your views, your ideas? Do they envision your […]

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I Am My Friend

Have you had this conversation with you? Or is your self talk negative, critical, disrespectful? If so, why? We would never talk to our friends the way we negatively talk to ourselves. They deserve to be honoured and loved, supported and respected, listened to and laughed with, that’s why we’ve chosen them as friends. And we deserve […]

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True Colour of True Friends

Life is not all sunshine and roses, at times we find ourselves in the midst of pelting rain and wind gusts! And that’s fine. Difficulties allow us to rise to the challenge, discover new ways of doing & ultimately recognise the reality of our hidden strengths. They also however,  reveal the truth of our friendships. […]

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True Self

Who does your dog think you are! Or your cat? Your furry friends see the truth of you, your blessed core, your true self. Is this how people see you too? If not, why not? Do you shield yourself from others? Put up a wall? Project a persona that is not true to you? Why […]

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Support Me, Don’t Save Me

This life is mine. I choose my thoughts, my words, my actions. You may mot always agree that what I choose is in my best interest. By all means, guide me, offer assistance, support me, but please don’t try and rescue me. I cannot learn my life lessons if you do it all. I cannot […]

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Precious Love

When you are lost in the sorrow of yourself, I will reach out a hand and draw you toward me. When the night is dark and your sight sees only darkness, I will shine a light and remind you of your beauty. When your gut is in knots and tumbles and turns, I will say […]

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Peace to You

I gift you peace… Peace of mind.. And in your heart.. Peace in your hands and in the warmth of your touch.. Peace in your smile and in your tears.. Peaceful sleep and peaceful play.. Blessings and peace in your world ❤

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