Imaginary Friends….

I had the most delightful conversation with a 5 year old this week. I asked her if she had any brothers or sisters. “Noooo, but I have lots of  friends, they are imaginary”, she brightly and confidently told me. The thing is, her mother tried to stop her talking by telling her not to be […]

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Fear Choices

How do you generally react when you are fearful? Do you back down? Retreat? Pretend ‘it’ does not exist? When faced with a situation that initiates an element of fear in you…. the stomach somersaults, the swirling ‘what ifs’ in your head, a stammer, damp palms, perspiration… What do you do with that? Sometimes the […]

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Fear Responsibly

Do you allow fear into your life? Fear can be good, it gives us the opportunity to think things through, to weigh up the pros and cons, or to sit on the fence a while and view our choices on either side. It permits us to research further, ask, investigate, think, Google and identify before […]

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How often have you held yourself back, stopped yourself from taking that leap, because you were afraid you would fall? What happened to your dream? Your soul’s yearning or desire? I’m sure it’s still present in the garden of your heart, just lacking a little love and nurturing. Allow the desire to flourish, will it […]

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The Miracle of Dreams

Do you find yourself worrying about what may be? Worry has it’s basis in fear; fear of what may occur, what may be said, how you may react. How much time do you spend thinking of the ‘what ifs?’ Of the 8,640 seconds in the day, how much of that is spent on worry? How much […]

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