Patience My Friend…

Recently, I dreamt I was a witness to an horrific car accident that was caused by an extremely intolerant driver. As a witness I was calm but the dream woke me. As I surfaced into awareness, I heard the words ‘Be patient’. Synchronicity stepped in when a friend posted the above passage. Your outlook will […]

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Seize the Moment!

Imagine your self reflections when you are in your 70’s. Will there be regrets? Will there be wishes unfulfilled? Where are you now? Is your current life the one you dreamed of? Is it better than the dream? Are there things you regret not doing? Were there experiences not had because fear held you back? […]

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Life’s Plans

How do you view the challenges or dramas that present themselves in your life? Do you find yourself in a slump, feeling miserable, asking ‘why me’ and radiating all of that to those around you? Of course your initial reaction to a situation that requires some hard work and emotional strength, may have you questioning […]

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