Smile And Keep It…

I just love days when I feel absolute happiness and joy for no reason that is out of the ordinary. Days where laughter at anything comes easily, where music is playing and I’m singing along, grooving as I go, where satisfaction is felt with life’s simple things. Smiling is easy… Have you ever felt fabulous […]

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A Filled Heart

Our hearts are filled with a multitude of gifts… Emotions, thoughts, experiences, people, dreams and visions, words, memories…. Not all of those gifts were initially viewed as such… Some were seen as nightmares, some as worries, others experienced with tears of sadness, heavy hearts and heartbreak, disbelief… But passing time changes our view, because in […]

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Yes, Life is Challenging

Well life is definitely not a bed of roses. Not thornless ones anyway šŸ˜³ There are days when everything, it seems, goes wrong. Days when plans go out the window, you can’t get your words out, you fumble and drop things or can’t think straight. Days when you wake happy, but hear words that aren’t […]

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