Wahhhhh! I’ve Lost My Tribe! 😩

The energetic pull of developing yourself spiritually is hard to resist, and when you are travelling along the sparkly path of discovery and learning, the ‘ahaa’ moments and occasions of insight and self awareness present themselves frequently. But along with the process of personal growth, arrives the process of shedding and farewell, and (un)fortunately, this […]

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Spirit Self

These words! The magic in life is the true unknowing… The surprise of discovery… A recognition of elements you never knew existed within… And the dreams of possibility. It is the bubbling essence of you rising to the surface and ‘popping’ in explosions of light; sparkles and flashes that attract and inspire ✨ I am elusive, […]

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Let It Go… Let It Come…

We are one week into the new year of 2016, and have you noticed there is currently a theme, an underlying energy, of ‘letting go’? To allow space for what is waiting to come forward, we need to release that which is not in the best interest of our heart, our soul.  I spoke of […]

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Start Your New Ending Now

No regrets please. Reflecting on a situation that did not have the outcome dreamed of, it is human nature to wish you could have a second chance, to utter the words that remain within, to choose differently an action, a direction or another opportunity to start over. True, we have no control of the past, […]

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Life’s Surprise

Life can be unusual can’t it? As children, we have this ideal image in our minds of what our lives will be like when we’ve ‘grown up’, but when are we at the point of grown up? Because I still feel like that little girl with the perfect dream sitting out there in front of me. […]

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Create Something You Want

Worry is something I’m very good at doing. I know that this is something many of us do, that I am not alone. We worry about our children, our parents as they age, our jobs, our health, our finances, our future etc. etc. I could write an endless list! I know it’s not healthy to […]

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Fear Responsibly

Do you allow fear into your life? Fear can be good, it gives us the opportunity to think things through, to weigh up the pros and cons, or to sit on the fence a while and view our choices on either side. It permits us to research further, ask, investigate, think, Google and identify before […]

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