Who do You Need to Be?

Do you have a yearning to be something or someone more than you currently are? Not an envious dream to live the life of another, but a hunger to be a better version of yourself, to become your dream or to incorporate your passion into your life? If your answer is a resounding ‘yes’, what […]

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Where is your voice? This week, whilst we have been traversing the abyss discussed in my last article, it appears that we have misplaced our words. Have you noticed that your words aren’t flowing? That there are times when you can’t even find the words to speak let alone release them? Where have our words […]

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Dreams Into Plans

Welcome to the second week of 2016. You’ve released the stuff that does not enhance you. You’ve retreated within in the way you love to. Your inspirations and goals have been recognised and followed through with some visualisation, research and planning. And now? Now you role is to continue to build on your foundations one […]

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Never Too Old!

How do you react to these words? Do you have dreams? Goals? Ideas? Have you considered implementing them or do you believe that they will remain in their present form? As each day passes and we get a little further from the day of our birth, a little further from those days of our twenties […]

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Let It Go

Are you still clinging to the dream or idea that you had for your life, one that has existed for many, many years? “Why,” you may ask, “is that so wrong?” Well, it’s not really wrong… but…  are you the same person now, as the person who first ignited that dream? The experiences we have, […]

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Choose Hope

Aaaaah choices… We are constantly making choices. Every second, minute, hour. . Will I get out of bed? Now, later? Which tea? What’s for breakfast? What am I wearing today? Make-up, yes, no, more, less? Which roads shall I drive today?  Hmmm depends on the traffic… Take lunch or buy it! Blah blah blah…. Whilst […]

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The Journey

Where are you headed to? Do you really know? Most of us have a plan, a goal or dream we are working toward. We know where we want to be, but even if we think we’re certain of how to get there, it very rarely turns out that way. The path we generally find ourselves […]

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