Self Compassion

A reminder for you… When your challenges seem over whelming, when you feel as if you are in the shadows and joy is a memory, speak and treat yourself as you would a friend. Be kind to you. Understand that yes, this current situation is difficult, and yes, it has brought me to tears but […]

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  How are you with setting your boundaries? We all have ideals, morals or rules we live by or we view as acceptable to us, or do we? It’s so easy to say “I believe…. Or I will accept … Or I am… Or I will tolerate…. ” But do you walk your talk? Whilst […]

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Just Breathe…

The next time you are feeling anxious, worried, overwhelmed or stressed, take note of your physical body. What is your posture doing? It is most likely that you are hunched over, shoulders raised, muscles held tight. Notice your breath. Are you breathing with shallow, quick breaths? Observe your facial expression. Are your jaw and tongue relaxed, […]

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Smile And Keep It…

I just love days when I feel absolute happiness and joy for no reason that is out of the ordinary. Days where laughter at anything comes easily, where music is playing and I’m singing along, grooving as I go, where satisfaction is felt with life’s simple things. Smiling is easy… Have you ever felt fabulous […]

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Worry, Worry, Worry😱

A truth unrecognised until the moment I read it. In times past, I would easily have been crowned champion of worriers. It was actually often mentioned as a family trait, and I was resigned to the fact that my worry was genetic. For me, worry was the result of stress and the ‘what if’ scenarios […]

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When we love, we feel. It’s unavoidable. But not all feeling moments are joyous. No matter how hard we focus on positivity, if the person you love is hurting, you do too. It’s just how it is. However, you can avoid the associated heartache. Have you ever found yourself suddenly whisked into the downward spiralling […]

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Go With The Flow

These words have been around me for several days.  They keep appearing in articles or posts I’m reading or for clients in my clinic, even in my dreams,  so it is obvious to me that I not only act on the words for myself, but share them with you too. Last week was one of […]

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A Heart Compass

In which direction are you going? Are you ‘headed’ toward something or are you ‘hearted’ toward it? Or are you running the other way? 😳 For some of us, making a decision can be less than easy; weighing up options, researching, consulting others for guidance, it can be so very confusing. I’m sure many of […]

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Isn’t it astonishing that life can feel so great, satisfaction is a constant, occasions of joy are frequent and feeling content is your ‘normal’, and BAM! 👊🏻 you plummet into a sticky quagmire of disappointment? The first curveball of 2016 arriving 3 weeks into the year is pretty good, but still not welcomed with open […]

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The Door of Self

Envision yourself as a house, and behind the front door is your true soul self. All you need to do is grab the key, place it in the lock, turn it, open the door and enter. Sound simple yes? Then why is it so difficult for us to gain access to that very key and […]

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