Your ‘Becoming’

As I read this I experienced a whirl of resonance. Yes indeed, it does take time to find your real self. Who we become is shaped by our experiences and our personal history, all developed on multiple levels; physical, emotional and spiritual. Reflecting back on my youth, I don’t remember giving much if any thought, to […]

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Inner Happiness

Have you ever stood under a night sky, gazing at the marvel of stars and moon? This is one of my favourite things to do. I often wonder, “how many others are doing the exact same thing, and what does the night sky observe that we mere humans do not?” Something familiar resonates when under […]

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Shine Your Light

Whilst your heart beats the rhythm of your own personal song, the light within you always exists. It’s brightness is dependent on you. Your light increases relative to your thoughts, your actions and your words. A shining light enhances ‘you’. It inspires joy and delight, promotes positive self expression, and enables you to have a clear […]

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Allow Life to Flow

As we are moving toward the end of this current year, you may find yourself becoming a little flustered, less than patient, and perhaps feeling overwhelmed with all you have placed on your ‘to do’ list. Reacting to the year’s end in this way is definitely not beneficial to your physical or emotional self. In […]

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Follow Your Bliss

Follow your bliss… Well now, that sounds so simple, but… Do you know what your bliss is? What is that thing that brings you joy, that excites and animates you? Is there something you do as a hobby or an interest that has you feeling accomplished, fulfilled, content? Something that has you feeling the satisfaction […]

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Have the Courage to Encourage

Are you a person who is prone to criticism or encouragement? Many of you will say, with hand on your heart, that you tend to lean toward encouragement. The truth is though, whilst you may not openly criticise, the majority of us inwardly do so. I’m not referring to how you speak to others, but […]

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Hearts Ease

Wishing you could have, would have, should have, are a total misuse of your precious mind and precious time. The comparisons to other people, the telling of ‘you’re lucky’, the wanting what he has and the envying of the experiences of others, will cause a mental blindness to the opportunities that arise for you. Instead, […]

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Lessons from a Dog

Perhaps it is time to take advice from a much loved dog. We cram so many ‘musts’ into our lives. Our days are filled with appointments, errands to be run, tasks to be completed, this to be done, that to cross of the list, etc etc, and many of us don’t stop until our heads […]

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Happiness Starts with You

Is this fact something you are aware of? If it is, do you live by this creed yourself or is it something you say to others? Quite often we meet people who appear to be terribly unhappy, something we can ascertain by their comments, complaints, air of despondency or lack of enthusiasm. Conversation may be […]

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Self Care

The frequently arising theme this week appears to be about feeling hurt by the words of others. Why can words affect us so? There are two parallel themes occurring here. Self-love and boundaries, and they intertwine and interact. Have you understood that onlly you ever know ‘you’? You may have a loving intimate relationship with […]

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