Creating Like a Child

I discovered this abandoned city of sand whilst walking, and it took me back to my childhood. Do you remember building sandcastles? We required nothing but sand, our hands, and an imagination. We didn’t ponder and plan, we didn’t worry about the final result, we didn’t gather tools and decoration prior to commencing, it didn’t […]

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Find Your Happy đź’•

What is happy, and specifically, what is your happy? Are you able to answer this question straight up or is it something you need to ponder? Happiness, not to be confused with joy although similar in emotion, is defined as ‘feeling pleasure, enjoyment, or contentment’, whereas joy is defined as ‘a feeling, source or cause of great […]

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  How are you with setting your boundaries? We all have ideals, morals or rules we live by or we view as acceptable to us, or do we? It’s so easy to say “I believe…. Or I will accept … Or I am… Or I will tolerate…. ” But do you walk your talk? Whilst […]

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Just Breathe…

The next time you are feeling anxious, worried, overwhelmed or stressed, take note of your physical body. What is your posture doing? It is most likely that you are hunched over, shoulders raised, muscles held tight. Notice your breath. Are you breathing with shallow, quick breaths? Observe your facial expression. Are your jaw and tongue relaxed, […]

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Love is Many Things

So often we get caught up in societal expectations of love; the perfect relationship, shared meals in great restaurants, frequent socialising, date nights, the physical aspects, the expensive gifts… But is this what true love really is? We tend to forget that love is more than this, and it is also less than this. Recognition flows […]

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Positivity is the Key

Have you ever crossed paths with the person who appears to be the King or Queen of negativity? According to them, things never go their way, good things don’t happen to them and life is always challenging. Living with the mindset of lack and misfortune will never allow a person to recognise anything that is […]

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Thank You & Welcome

As you may or may not know, 2016 is the year of completion. Whilst this year so far has operated under the theme of culmination, these past few weeks in particular, have been quite intense with regard to releasing the things that are no longer in our best interests. As a result, the past week […]

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Listen to Your Body

The recurrent theme arising within myself and my kinesiology clients this week, is around the need to listen. Listen: to give one’s attention to. Listening is not just about hearing words. Not at all. It involves hearing the messages you are also receiving in other forms. What has been at the forefront of information this […]

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When we love, we feel. It’s unavoidable. But not all feeling moments are joyous. No matter how hard we focus on positivity, if the person you love is hurting, you do too. It’s just how it is. However, you can avoid the associated heartache. Have you ever found yourself suddenly whisked into the downward spiralling […]

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Is Your Language Supporting You?

The language we use daily has an impact on the lives we live. On numerous occasions in my Kinesiology Practice, I meet gorgeous beings who present with an intention that will vastly improve their outlook, behaviour, health or response to someone or something. And during the process of the kinesiology session, we discover that language […]

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