Message from The Lake

My stillness supports life, and promotes metamorphosis. You are being called to acknowledge and accept the changes coming to you. This is your evolution. This is meant to be. Resistance defies the stillness. Allow me to support your transformation. My ripples are your messages, my reeds your haven. The depths appear murky but this is […]

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Choose Love ❤️

What is your natural reactive response? The reality is, that it’s very easy to switch to our default settings when we are faced with challenging people, situations or circumstances. As 2016 draws to a close, and we move toward Christmas, many will be challenged by the demands made on our selves by not only other […]

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A Fabulous Mother?

For the last few years I’ve thought of myself as being a great Mum…. but am I? I will preface this by letting you know that this is not about sympathy, it is about strength and maternal love. Life for me has been extremely challenging the last 5 years or so. I believed I had […]

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Wahhhhh! I’ve Lost My Tribe! 😩

The energetic pull of developing yourself spiritually is hard to resist, and when you are travelling along the sparkly path of discovery and learning, the ‘ahaa’ moments and occasions of insight and self awareness present themselves frequently. But along with the process of personal growth, arrives the process of shedding and farewell, and (un)fortunately, this […]

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Oh my, yes! This is life. All messy and astounding at the same time. Learn to live and appreciate each day, each moment, knowing that it can change at any moment. That in a weeks’ time, a day’s time, you may be experiencing something totally different. Be grateful for the ride; because without the mundane, […]

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Never Too Old!

How do you react to these words? Do you have dreams? Goals? Ideas? Have you considered implementing them or do you believe that they will remain in their present form? As each day passes and we get a little further from the day of our birth, a little further from those days of our twenties […]

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Spiritual Perfection is a Myth

So many of us who are finding our way along a path that involves awareness, struggle with the concept of self perfectionism. I know for sure, that many of us who work as carers or facilitators for others, question our own integrity because we are less than perfect. We work to enable, empower and guide […]

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Patience My Friend…

Recently, I dreamt I was a witness to an horrific car accident that was caused by an extremely intolerant driver. As a witness I was calm but the dream woke me. As I surfaced into awareness, I heard the words ‘Be patient’. Synchronicity stepped in when a friend posted the above passage. Your outlook will […]

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Lotus Life

From the mud and detritus, through the murky water, arises a symbol of beauty… We too, are like the lotus. When life becomes challenging, when we feel we are bogged down in confusion, disarray, or the fragments of what we once loved or once were… When we cannot see our way with clarity… Remind yourself […]

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