Everything is possible….. You alone, have the capabilities to choose the life you wish to live. You are the the central character, not your partner, children, friends or parents. The spotlight is yours, and anyone or anything else are your peripheral companions. Yes they may have a personal impact, but that impact is dependent on […]

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Follow Your Bliss

Follow your bliss… Well now, that sounds so simple, but… Do you know what your bliss is? What is that thing that brings you joy, that excites and animates you? Is there something you do as a hobby or an interest that has you feeling accomplished, fulfilled, content? Something that has you feeling the satisfaction […]

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Question Before You Follow

Do you question what is promoted? Do you investigate? Research? Trial it? Just because it is written, spoken, or often repeated, doesn’t mean that it is the truth, or the truth for you. Many years ago, I was reading a book that dispelled some of my own beliefs. I foolishly thought that all this time […]

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Lessons from a Dog

Perhaps it is time to take advice from a much loved dog. We cram so many ‘musts’ into our lives. Our days are filled with appointments, errands to be run, tasks to be completed, this to be done, that to cross of the list, etc etc, and many of us don’t stop until our heads […]

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You’re Doing Great

Yay! Congratulations on your survival 🎉🎉🎉 Is this how you generally view your world? With positivity and gratitude? Or are you one to drag your feet, hang your head and complain about how difficult your life is? Because whether you believe it or not, a positive outlook attracts positive experiences and people, and the same […]

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Live Life Strong

We each chose to be here at this time, for a reason. Each of us has been born to this earth with a lesson or lessons to learn in this lifetime. Those lessons could be any of a million. They may be about setting clear boundaries or learning to compromise. Perhaps you are here to […]

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Happiness is Your Priority

How do you feel when you read this? Do you agree? Is your initial reaction something along the lines of “well of course!” or “that’s a given”? But…. Do you live your life with priority toward you? Or are you one to place the needs of others before your own? As a parent, particularly as […]

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Mind Full, or Mindful?

‘Mindful’ seems to be the word of our current times. But what exactly does it mean? It means focussing on the present moment, your activity, your emotion, your thought, your reaction, rather than worrying about what might happen or constantly replaying past events. Mindfulness allows you to appreciate and enjoy the present, which assists you […]

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The Best Laid Plans…

Is this true for you? We all have dreams and goals, desires and wishes… Sometimes we think we’ve got what we want, then a little further on, we realise that no, theres an underlying uneasiness, a reality check that provides an awareness, or an air of happiness pervades. What to do? Well take the next […]

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