Uniquely Beautiful You

Do you truly recognise how unique you are? I’m not referring to the physical aspects of gorgeous you, your height, eye colour, mannerisms or fingerprints. My reference is to your true heart, soul, innate gifts and inner beauty. The dominant theme for this week’s kinesiology clients has been around ‘blocks’, the unknown that prevents us […]

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Beautifully Different

Different makes you distinctive. Isn’t that wonderful? Or is it?? Do you feel uncomfortable because you are different from the people around you? Do you hold the family title of ‘the black sheep?’ Congratulations! You are to be celebrated, because there would be nothing so mundane as being like everyone else. Being the ‘different’ one […]

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Hearts Ease

Wishing you could have, would have, should have, are a total misuse of your precious mind and precious time. The comparisons to other people, the telling of ‘you’re lucky’, the wanting what he has and the envying of the experiences of others, will cause a mental blindness to the opportunities that arise for you. Instead, […]

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You’re Doing Great

Yay! Congratulations on your survival ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰ Is this how you generally view your world? With positivity and gratitude? Or are you one to drag your feet, hang your head and complain about how difficult your life is? Because whether you believe it or not, a positive outlook attracts positive experiences and people, and the same […]

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Celebrate Yourself

I know you don’t see yourself as I see you… I know you don’t appreciate the strength that I see when I look at you… I see your brilliance shining from your very core, yet you are blind to it… Sweet, beautiful soul, recognise your achievements, acknowledge your determination and strength. Celebrate glorious you, as […]

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