How are you with setting your boundaries? We all have ideals, morals or rules we live by or we view as acceptable to us, or do we? It’s so easy to say “I believe…. Or I will accept … Or I am… Or I will tolerate…. ” But do you walk your talk? Whilst […]

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When we love, we feel. It’s unavoidable. But not all feeling moments are joyous. No matter how hard we focus on positivity, if the person you love is hurting, you do too. It’s just how it is. However, you can avoid the associated heartache. Have you ever found yourself suddenly whisked into the downward spiralling […]

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Self Care

The frequently arising theme this week appears to be about feeling hurt by the words of others. Why can words affect us so? There are two parallel themes occurring here. Self-love and boundaries, and they intertwine and interact. Have you understood that onlly you ever know ‘you’? You may have a loving intimate relationship with […]

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