What’s Your Behaviour?

How do you react when events occur beyond your control? When something hits you with a ‘wham’ out of the blue, do you take it your stride or do you throw a hissy fit? Do you step up and take responsibility as required or do you seek to lay blame? As a Kinesiologist I have […]

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Observe & Learn

The time has arrived to take stock. Time to halt, to remain silent, and receive the messages. As you may know, 2016 is the year of completion, the last year in a 9 year cycle, which means that 2017 is the beginning of something new. But first, we must use what remains of 2016 to […]

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  Well, Christmas Day and all it encompasses has now passed, how did you fare? My reference is not to the physical gifts you received, but to the emotional ones. Were you gifted with smiles, warmth, love? Or as often occurs when families come together, did you find yourself hurtled back to your childhood and […]

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