Is there a woman in your life that these words describe? She may be friend, relative, stranger. What is it about her that attracts you so? That creates an awe, an admiration? For you may not wish to experience the anguish, heartache or sorrow she has endured, but the resulting power! Oh my! And those […]

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Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful

” “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” as the saying goes. Have you ever really thought about what beauty is to you personally? How do you see it? What is your definition? Is it physical? Specific to the face? Flawless skin, a particular shape to the jaw, a hair or eye colour? Is […]

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Your 4 Roomed House

There is a space in my home that is not often used. The door is always open, but I rarely acknowledge the room. Sometimes I glance in as I walk by and my heart clenches; it almost senses the loneliness, the loss, the sadness emanating from a once lived in and often used space. The […]

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Mandala Love

A beautiful mandala for you >3 Sit quietly for a few minutes and focus on it’s beauty. Allow the colours and patterns to draw you in… Feel the  infusion peace and love into your mind, your body, and your heart ❤

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Just Breathe….

STOP! Look around you…. Do you see it?  That thing you walk by every day without noticing, without acknowledging… Stop and look at it, look closely, recognise it’s intricacies, the detail, it’s purpose, it’s beauty. Breathe……. Be inspired by the beauty of simplistic acceptance ❤

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Inner Strength

Some days you just feel it… the negative emotions seem to override the positive feelings you know you are capable of. You can almost feel yourself submerged in sadness, anxiety or stress. You can remedy this! Yes, you! Find yourself a peaceful somewhere, a favourite chair, a grassy patch, a quiet corner… Stop… and listen…  […]

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Beauty Within

I loved this as soon as I read it. An image of her popped straight into my mind. Although they say ‘you can’t judge a book by it’s cover’, it certainly makes an impression; the words, the colours, the illustrations, will prompt you to pick it up and want to know more. And so it […]

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