Words have Power

Imagine this… You are standing in a crowd at an event. The sun is shining, the day warm, the mood of the crowd is one of joyful acceptance. Music can be heard, a rhythm and flow that has toes tapping and bodies moving in time. In the centre of the human happiness is a raised […]

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Define Yourself in Now

What is your external view? Is it the equivalent of the internal? Who would ever guess that the fine grey, hair covered buds of a magnolia tree, would encapsulate such beauty as the magnolia flower? We too, are like the magnolia. What you initially see is the costume, the mask, the camouflage of the exquisiteness […]

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Be Amazing You!

  Do you appreciate the gifts, the talents and the qualities that are intrinsically you? Do you recognise the values you possess, the ones that others see so clearly? It truly amazes me, the number of people I meet both in my kinesiology practice and socially, who have absolutely no idea of how amazing they […]

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Let Your Light Shine

Recently I discussed my experiences of messages from the Divine about releasing and letting go, and then going with the flow. Whilst this is an ongoing theme for me and hopefully coming to completion, well the letting go anyway; another subliminal message has also pushed its way forward that requires action, particularly,  it calls to […]

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Your ‘Becoming’

As I read this I experienced a whirl of resonance. Yes indeed, it does take time to find your real self. Who we become is shaped by our experiences and our personal history, all developed on multiple levels; physical, emotional and spiritual. Reflecting back on my youth, I don’t remember giving much if any thought, to […]

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Lotus Life

From the mud and detritus, through the murky water, arises a symbol of beauty… We too, are like the lotus. When life becomes challenging, when we feel we are bogged down in confusion, disarray, or the fragments of what we once loved or once were… When we cannot see our way with clarity… Remind yourself […]

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Perfect Imperfection

Perfection, the highest degree of proficiency, skill or excellence. Flawless, complete. Perfection is the ultimate, the pinnacle, a goal, a dream. Does it truly exist? No person is perfect despite what they may tell you or what you perceive about them. We are though, surrounded by perfect imperfection. Look at this beautiful tree. It has […]

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