Count Your Blessings

In this time of worldly unease and unrest, it is important for you personally on a physical and emotional level, to ensure your focus remains  on occasions of happiness and the blessings gifted to you on a daily basis. Do you count your blessings? Are you aware of what your personal blessings are? The things that […]

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The Human Web

We are interwoven with humanity. Individually, we are components of something so much greater than ‘me’, and many of us neglect to remember this. It is truth that each of us is important. We each search for our personal truth, our essence, and live each day in a way that satisfies that search. We allow […]

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Uniquely Beautiful You

Do you truly recognise how unique you are? I’m not referring to the physical aspects of gorgeous you, your height, eye colour, mannerisms or fingerprints. My reference is to your true heart, soul, innate gifts and inner beauty. The dominant theme for this week’s kinesiology clients has been around ‘blocks’, the unknown that prevents us […]

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Starlight Magic

What a beautiful sentiment. As someone with a love for nature, I fully appreciate this. Perhaps if we all viewed the plants, flowers and trees with this in mind, there would be less destruction of our forests and native bush. Why not get into your garden, whether it be something big, a courtyard, a balcony […]

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Oh my, yes! This is life. All messy and astounding at the same time. Learn to live and appreciate each day, each moment, knowing that it can change at any moment. That in a weeks’ time, a day’s time, you may be experiencing something totally different. Be grateful for the ride; because without the mundane, […]

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Tree of Friends

Here is my “Tree of Friends”. Can you see me? I’m the eccentric one standing on my head. Can you see yourself? Where are you in the tree? When I was coming up to my 40th year, my immediate family convinced me that a party to celebrate would be fun. I was very apprehensive, mainly […]

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Individual You

What a beautiful vision, rice paddies stretching out before you, a vista of green… And in the foreground a magnificent frangipani. Are you the frangipani tree in your world? The person who is a little different from the others? Is it physical or otherwise? Quirkiness? Eccentricities? The way you laugh? Spiritual beliefs? Career choice? Friend […]

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Life is Beautiful

Life is beautiful…. When challenges are presenting themselves all too often for comfort In moments when you feel that you are less than able to dance through the day If time appears to fly by with little achieved and a disheartening feeling descends upon you Take a moment to remember the greatest gift you have […]

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Love and Respect

Wow! How amazing would our world be if love and respect were the core principles of each and every human? If we all ask ourselves if love and respect are included in our personal bottom line values, I know each of us would respond with a resounding ‘yes!’ Why then, is this not reflected in […]

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Seize the Moment!

Imagine your self reflections when you are in your 70’s. Will there be regrets? Will there be wishes unfulfilled? Where are you now? Is your current life the one you dreamed of? Is it better than the dream? Are there things you regret not doing? Were there experiences not had because fear held you back? […]

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