Creating Like a Child

I discovered this abandoned city of sand whilst walking, and it took me back to my childhood. Do you remember building sandcastles? We required nothing but sand, our hands, and an imagination. We didn’t ponder and plan, we didn’t worry about the final result, we didn’t gather tools and decoration prior to commencing, it didn’t […]

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Find Your Happy 💕

What is happy, and specifically, what is your happy? Are you able to answer this question straight up or is it something you need to ponder? Happiness, not to be confused with joy although similar in emotion, is defined as ‘feeling pleasure, enjoyment, or contentment’, whereas joy is defined as ‘a feeling, source or cause of great […]

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Very wise words from KV@aquariusnation We are not any one of us, the same person that we were a week ago. Conversations spoken, experiences had, visions viewed by eyes seen and unseen, words heard, dreams held; they all alter who we are. This week, choose to consciously face your issues. Release them to the four […]

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Be Amazing You!

  Do you appreciate the gifts, the talents and the qualities that are intrinsically you? Do you recognise the values you possess, the ones that others see so clearly? It truly amazes me, the number of people I meet both in my kinesiology practice and socially, who have absolutely no idea of how amazing they […]

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Heart Care

Our hearts are truly amazing. Not only in a physical sense, but also in an emotional and vibrational value as well. At times, our hearts can feel like this, precariously balanced but supported, frozen in the fear of unknowns, or ready to melt Apart from the well espoused benefits of wholesome foods, exercise and a […]

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Several months ago, I decided to grant myself the opportunity to attend a conference in my chosen and much loved career as a Kinesiologist. I was keen to experience new learnings, new people and new ideas, so I eagerly applied to attend the symposium in several months time. Never did I envision the strength of the […]

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Your ‘Becoming’

As I read this I experienced a whirl of resonance. Yes indeed, it does take time to find your real self. Who we become is shaped by our experiences and our personal history, all developed on multiple levels; physical, emotional and spiritual. Reflecting back on my youth, I don’t remember giving much if any thought, to […]

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Joy of Belonging

Several days ago, on what is known as Australia Day, I had the privilege of attending a citizenship ceremony in my community. To be honest, I was feeling quite ambivalent about what for me are conflicted reasons for celebration; the landing of European settlers and the establishment of their towns, and the subsequent mistreatment  and […]

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Ode to a Goddess

Beautiful girl… Amazing woman… Goddess of the earth… Never, ever doubt that you are enough. This world will at no other time, encounter a divine being such as you. Creation prevails at it’s finest with you present. No one person exists with your qualities, your smile, your heart. As you walk this earth, float in […]

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Everything is possible….. You alone, have the capabilities to choose the life you wish to live. You are the the central character, not your partner, children, friends or parents. The spotlight is yours, and anyone or anything else are your peripheral companions. Yes they may have a personal impact, but that impact is dependent on […]

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