Kinesi-Pregnancy & Beyond: A Supported Journey Through Your Pregnancy

preg belly

Kinesi-Pregnancy consultations will assist and guide you in shifting your focus from any fears and self-doubts, or the tales and opinions of others, to a positive mindset of self-belief, emotional strength and confidence.

Consultations will be provided by Leanne Winder, a registered and experienced Midwife, Aromatherapist and Kinesiologist.

Pre-Conception Package

For women anticipating an entry into motherhood.

x5 kinesiology consultations from pre-conception through to late pregnancy.

Pregnancy Package

The perfect balance for an expectant woman.

x4 kinesiology consultations at 2 monthly intervals throughout your pregnancy.

Your late pregnancy consultation in either package, will include a massage lotion of pure essential oils in a carrier blend, tailored specifically for you.

Packages can be pre-purchased.

Package 1

Pre-Conception Package: 5 Consultations + 1 Massage Blend       $580

Package 2

Pregnancy Package: 4 Consultations + 1 Massage Blend               $470

If you nominate to pay as you go, cost per session is $130 with your final appointment being $60 for package 1, and $80 for package 2, both include your tailored massage blend at your final consultation.

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