When we love, we feel. It’s unavoidable. But not all feeling moments are joyous. No matter how hard we focus on positivity, if the person you love is hurting, you do too. It’s just how it is. However, you can avoid the associated heartache. Have you ever found yourself suddenly whisked into the downward spiralling […]

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Several months ago, I decided to grant myself the opportunity to attend a conference in my chosen and much loved career as a Kinesiologist. I was keen to experience new learnings, new people and new ideas, so I eagerly applied to attend the symposium in several months time. Never did I envision the strength of the […]

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My Evolution

  I’ve been fortunate to spend the last few days away from home, just me and my dogs. Time has been spent as I please, reading, researching, writing, walking, meditating and generally relaxing. The opportunity has gifted me amongst other things, moments to contemplate what I now know. These last few months I’ve been a student […]

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The Door of Self

Envision yourself as a house, and behind the front door is your true soul self. All you need to do is grab the key, place it in the lock, turn it, open the door and enter. Sound simple yes? Then why is it so difficult for us to gain access to that very key and […]

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New Year Rituals

Do you have a particular ritual to welcome in your year ahead, or do you make half hearted resolutions that fall by the wayside several weeks into January? Perhaps you choose to go with the flow rather than commit to anything? My last article spoke of letting go of anything that had a less than […]

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Shine Your Light

Whilst your heart beats the rhythm of your own personal song, the light within you always exists. It’s brightness is dependent on you. Your light increases relative to your thoughts, your actions and your words. A shining light enhances ‘you’. It inspires joy and delight, promotes positive self expression, and enables you to have a clear […]

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Beautiful You

  I whisper to you in the silence of my mind, as the world moves on oblivious. I stand outside in the dark of night, under the moon, face raised to the caress of the starlight. I know you are there….  I feel you, sense you, envision you in my mind. You visit unexpectedly,  particularly on […]

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Your 4 Roomed House

There is a space in my home that is not often used. The door is always open, but I rarely acknowledge the room. Sometimes I glance in as I walk by and my heart clenches; it almost senses the loneliness, the loss, the sadness emanating from a once lived in and often used space. The […]

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