Creating Like a Child

I discovered this abandoned city of sand whilst walking, and it took me back to my childhood.

Do you remember building sandcastles?

We required nothing but sand, our hands, and an imagination.

We didn’t ponder and plan, we didn’t worry about the final result, we didn’t gather tools and decoration prior to commencing, it didn’t cost us money or involve concerning ourselves with what others thought, or worrying about leaving it behind at day’s end.

We were present, focussed on only the creation of our castles, time did not exist.

We were spontaneous in our placement of sand, the gathering of shells and seaweed for decoration, or the building and filling of a moat.

We stood back in awe of our creations, filled with a sense of achievement and contentment, and then we walked away from it, offering it to the sea with no regrets.

Wouldn’t it be so much easier for us to create in this way as adults?

Creativity expresses itself in a multitude of ways, it’s not just art or craft, but in the setting of a table or the preparation of a meal, it’s in your written or spoken word, it’s in the way you hug or listen to a friend or the nurturing of a home, a garden or a friendship.

It is indeed a gift to ourselves be totally engrossed in creating, to let our ideas flow, to experience pleasure in offering and in achieving, to be in awe of ourselves and knowing that that is enough.

Why don’t you gift yourself the remembrance of your childlike creativity and use the spontaneity and present moment focus to see where it leads you?

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