Your Heart


An overwhelming theme has come to the fore this week for my kinesiology clients, and for me.

That theme has been the importance of connecting with one’s own heart.

Have you too become aware of this need?

Quite noticeably, a recognition has arisen with regard to just how much our thoughts, actions and concerns have been predominantly of and for others, and the resulting negligence of our selves.

This past week, have you quite suddenly felt the urge to do something for yourself? This has been your heart calling for attention, for action.

I answered my heart’s call and  visited a gallery, spending time absorbing and appreciating the gifts that others have so rawly and openly shared. I filled my cup by doing this one small thing.

I share with you, a daily heart meditation that I and some of my clients have been doing. Sending recognition and love to our hearts, and at times receiving messages or insights in response. Enjoy the experience and honour your heart’s call.

Place your hands over your heart and speak to your heart.

“Hello heart.

I see you.

I feel you.

I know you.

I love you.” 💖

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