Bali Bliss


You know how you have this dream of how a particular occasion is going to be and generally your dream far exceeds the actual outcome?

Well, that did NOT happen!

The reality far exceeded the dream.

Planning a retreat is less than easy, but when you put your Heart and Soul into the production everything appears to flow.

Our Bali Bliss retreat was organised to gift each attendee with the space to rediscover themselves as an individual, and to provide a nurturing and supportive environment in which to honour their mind, body, and emotional well being.

I think we certainly achieved that.

We celebrated our bodies with warmed oils, floral baths and massages.

Blessings were bestowed by Healers and meditation.

Muscles were flexed and exercised with yoga, cycling and lots of walking.

Our minds educated with workshops and learnings.


Creativity recognised with offerings and personal talismans produced.

Delicious meals, cocktails, laughter, tears and personal stories were shared, and space held for each other when emotions arose.

Friendships formed, time alone to contemplate, journal, nap or dream.

Rediscovering who we are…

This is what Bali Bliss Retreats are all about 🙏🏻

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