Feed Your Soul



“Feed your soul” she sang.

I woke from dreaming with these words reverberating through my mind.

Timely as they were, I was only days from facilitating a retreat in Ubud, Bali. This retreat then, was not only for the participants, but for me also.

Whilst I was nurturing, holding space and sharing my knowledge, I was gifting the same to my self.

As I witnessed these women release, soften, and gently expand, I myself was witness to  my own morphing.

How do YOU feed your soul?

I believe it requires spirituality but not necessarily as most understand it, but a spirituality of the very essence of you.

A listening, an understanding and acknowledgement, and an action upon what your body is telling you.

Perhaps your body requests movement, nourishment with wholesome foods, or rest. It may yearn for stretching, a meditation, a massage or a soak in a warm fragrant bath. It is possible that a conversation with one who truly listens to your words, or a comforting hug is what your soul longs for.

What does your soul truly desire?







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