Sacred Ritual


Several weeks ago I participated in a workshop that involved creating a medicine doll. Now, I am by no means what could be considered a crafty person, I generally become frustrated because what I envision is absolutely never the equivalent of the sorry end product. However, on this occasion the visuals were irrelevant.

The workshop was of a spiritual nature, in that we worked with a sacredness and a sort of spiritual purpose. The faces of our dolls were moulded and shaped with loving intent. The bodies consisting of herbs, flowers, crystals, feathers, and personal fragments all gently wrapped in muslin and dressed in fabric lovingly stitched. Hair and embellishments chosen to complete our dolls.

We were asked to write a script for our creations, and without much thought given to this task, this was the message of my medicine doll.

‘Life consists of desires, wishes, colour, and infinite possibilities. The silver thread I am sewn with is an interconnective weave from dream to reality. My feathers are the wings of your dreams. My crystals the seeds of possibility.’

Each day I work at my desk and my medicine doll watches me, a gentle reminder that beauty is in  life’s endless choices, and it’s ebb and flow.

My doll has triggered a thought….

Wouldn’t  it be a sacred ritual to dedicate a creative activity with an intent similar to us designing our dolls?

Perhaps you are planting in your garden, creating a tasty afternoon treat in the kitchen, making the perfect pot of tea, or  painting a wall. Consciously choose to complete your task with a sacred intent, with love. Step back from your end product and ask, “what is the message of my creation?”

You may be very surprised yet enlightened by the words that appear as if from nowhere.

I’d love to hear your messages, so please comment and share here 💕








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