Imaginary Friends….


I had the most delightful conversation with a 5 year old this week.

I asked her if she had any brothers or sisters. “Noooo, but I have lots of  friends, they are imaginary”, she brightly and confidently told me.

The thing is, her mother tried to stop her talking by telling her not to be silly, but she was too excited to listen. (Of course I didn’t help the situation as I told her how cool that was and asked more questions) 😉

She told me there were “lots of boys and girls and they were fun to play with, only they don’t pick up the toys…. only their toys  ‘cos they’re imaginary… but not mine”.

Sadly that is as far as the conversation went because again her Mum admonished her, and she fell silent, the conversation left to the adults.

This had me thinking….

Why are we so fearful of that which we cannot see, particularly  the things that aren’t accepted by mainstream society?

Why is it acceptable to believe, trust, and have faith in a God of some description or a religion known only by the stories we have been told, the words we have read or the expectations of society?

My experiences, learnings and studies in recent years have become my personal truth. My truth is that there is so much more than we in our human physical form, and it is very apparent that I am not alone in my understanding of this, my sweet 5 year old friend included.

My truth is mine, your truth is yours.

I respect your views by listening and acknowledging your words. I may not agree but I am very happy to support you in your beliefs.

I truly believe it is important that we support our children when they speak of imaginary friends or even monsters under the bed. It is vital to acknowledge what is a truth for them, even if you yourself believe otherwise.

Denying anyone their right to an opinion or belief can be a belittling experience. It may result in self doubt, self criticism, a shutting down of personal gifts, a fear of speaking out and ultimately an enduring love/hate relationship with self.

Most of us would never intentionally choose to hurt another, so let’s consciously choose to be our own truths and respect others choices of their truth.

After all, who’s  to say what is reality and what is not?






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