Recently I’ve become very aware of the fact that in my work as a Kinesiologist, my intuition is widely open, easily accessed and always acted upon. However, in my daily life I know I am not always acknowledging and working with the messages or signs placed before me.

So, earlier this week, I made a decision that each morning I would do a roll call, a mental register asking those beings who support and guide me, to assist me in recognising signs and initiating whatever is required of me.

Well, Thursday was ‘Superman’ day.

I was working in a hospital and assisting a middle aged patient by tying his theatre gown, and I noted he was wearing superman underwear, I had a little chuckle to myself and moved on.

Four hours later I was admitting a patient, asked him to remove his jumper, and he was wearing a superman t shirt. Okay… what was next, a cape?

Workday completed, I stopped at a crossing and a fellow cycled by…. wearing superman socks!

What the?? What is the message I’m being given?  I pondered Superman’s strengths, his weaknesses, and I turned to Dr Google for a little extra clarity.

Amongst other things, this is what really stood out as a message to not only me, but to all of you reading this.

– You have been a power of strength in the face of overwhelming adversity.

Acknowledge that.

– You have made enormous sacrifices for someone you refused to give up on.

Recognise your efforts.

– You have demonstrated superhuman courage and willpower.

Affirm your achievements.

You are resilient, courageous and strong. This is your truth.

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