Who Are You Truly?


Your very deepest identity is a ferocious force of love, yet many of us have absolutely no idea how to access this force.

We mask it and cover it with layer upon layer of pain, doubt, self criticism and negativity.

Ultimately, exposing your true identity requires you to look within, to specifically acknowledge those pieces that we would view as the ‘Shadow’ aspects of ourselves.

The emotional pain and the doubts that have us reacting in a less than loving way toward not only others, but toward ourselves. The negative self talk, the criticisms, the comparisons and the belief that we are less than… yes, these are what we would consider to be the negative components of our selves, but in truth, they are our reaction to a deeper fear and used as a cloak of invisibility that then allows us to turn a blind eye to our truth.

How do you remove the layers? Will you?

How do you scrape away the grit and grime to uncover the treasure within?

The choice is yours….. Delve and dive deep to discover the riches, or remain as you are. Either way, it will be less than easy, but the outcomes? They will be worlds apart.

Every persons’ journey is different, what makes sense to me may be nonsensical to you. What provides clarity for you, may result in confusion for me. We each need to find the key that fits our individual ‘shadow lock,’ and use that to access our deepest, deepest self.

Right now, at this time of social isolation, the perfect opportunity has presented for each of us to really get back into contact with the truth of ourselves. How you do this is totally up to you. Perhaps you’ll meditate, walk on the beach or lay under a tree, maybe your mind prefers to self evaluate whilst you’re baking or working on your garden.

My personal key has and still does, included regular kinesiology sessions, being outside, and chakra meditation.

I am by no means at my destination, and I do believe that this is an ongoing path we travel, but I am committed to discovering the components of my deepest self, allowing them to rise to the surface, soften and shine.

Will you join me on a journey to self discovery?




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