Your Life is Your Message


I love the simplicity of this statement, yet it contains such a depth of complexity.

Ghandi’s life WAS his message.

He fought against the discrimination and poverty of his fellow countrymen, the poor, the less educated, and those struggling to fit into the middle class of Indian culture. His message of equality, love and acceptance is loud and clear.

I ask this question….. To myself, and to you.

If your life is your message, what is that message?

Right now, how are you living? Is your life a true representation of your inner self, or a reflection of who you believe others expect or would like you to be?

What words do you speak? What tone do they have? Are they cannonballs of heaviness or sweet gentle rain?

Do your actions represent an overbearing ferociousness or egoic strength, or a generosity, a soft embrace, an understanding and acceptance?

If our messages don’t truly reflect who we believe and know ourselves to be, I think now is as good a time as any to commence communicating our truths.

What is your message?


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