How Do You Measure A Life?


It is easy to remark on the successes of a person who is obviously making an impact in this world, a change agent, a teacher or someone you admire or aspire to emulate. But what of those of us who aren’t so obviously successful?

Recently, I read an article that included the opening of a speech given by Carrie May Weems at New York’s School of Visual Arts, and it absolutely  resonated with me. The way in which I measure life is completely different to your method. We measure based on our beliefs, our ideals, our goals and our personal values, and as such,  there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ measurement.

I truly believe there is a need to cease comparison, and to live your life in the way that best resonates with you in the most positive of ways.

Following is an excerpt of Carrie’s speech.

“By what means and by what measure? Do you measure it day-by-day or year-by-year? Do you measure it by yesterday or by today?                                                                                                             Do you measure it by the miles walked or the mountains climbed or the valleys explored?

How do you measure your life? ……

By the dreams imagined or the hopes dashed? By the wisdom of wise words spoken or by the sorrow of silence? By the wealth accumulated or by the amount spent? By the monument built or by the walls scaled? By defeats and/or victories, large and small?

Do you measure it over the forgotten or over the remembered? By all the near misses and the exhaustion, or by the ability to endure?”


The question I put to you is…

How do you measure your life?


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